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The EDHEC Advantage

The EDHEC Advantage: Change yourself change your world

"The world is changing at an unprecedented rate. Firms are a great source of wealth creation and innovation. At the same time, the recent economic downturn has shown that managers must also take into consideration the well-being of future generations. These major changes obviously provide new opportunities for ambitious professionals. After several years of professional experience, you need to stand back and reflect hard on where you fit into this new system. You are looking for a major shift in your career.

Through a high-quality program, in a context of great diversity, our mission is:
  • to guide you through a crucial shift in your life
  • to allow you to reflect deeply upon the world in which you will act as a leader
  • to help you shape your personal project for the years to come.

In this fast-moving environment, the aim of the EDHEC Global MBA is to be a life-changing experience."
   Emmanuel Métais PhD
   EDHEC MBA Director

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